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CM Capital Markets offers the market its expertise and its professionals' high-level competence in providing Corporate Finance advisory services.

As an independent service provider, CM Capital Markets always acts intending to preserve the client's interests and objectives. This impartiality is extremely important in a merger, equity acquisition or sale process, investor capturing or even for the search of funding sources.

Mergers & Acquisitions

CM Capital Markets' team provides assistance during the entire negotiation process, economic and financial evaluations and strategic consulting. For this, it gets deeply involved in the understanding of the client's needs and reality, as well as the sector and market, whether to accelerate the business' growth, expand to new markets, consolidate the sector or search financial or strategic investors.

Mergers & Acquisitions assists the following operations:

  • Merger, equity acquisition or sale, joint venture, spin off
  • Financial investor capturing: national or foreign equity or private equity
  • Strategic investor capturing: national or foreign companies of the sector
  • Capital restructuring
  • Valuation.

Structured Transactions

CM Capital Markets performs in structured transactions, advising in order to make businesses, investments and projects feasible in every stage of the process. It also relies on expert partners in technical areas, such as licensing and technical studies, as well as capillarity towards main credit organisms and financial institutions, aiming at the best alternative that meets the client's interests and objectives.

Examples of structured transactions:

  • Leveraged buyouts, management buyouts
  • Built-to-suit, sale-leaseback
  • Company's accounts receivables and credit receivables
  • Project funding
  • Carbon credits.

Finance Advisory

Asset allocation is the selection of several kinds of assets by the Portfolio Manager, to compose the clients' portfolio. The more efficiently a client's portfolio is managed between multi-market funds and equities, the better the investment result.

Equities portfolios allow, in the long run, capital gains above the Bovespa Index. However, this requires an active management, using efficiently stocks in the spot market.

The investment strategy is undertaken according to investor's characteristics and technical basis such as the prospective scenario evaluation, discounted cash flow and the market's multiples assessment.

In the process of choosing investment funds, a detailed quantitative analysis and an extensive due diligence process are the tools used to select the best administrators in each specific fund class, identifying management styles and therefore forming efficient and diversified portfolios, aligned with the investor's profile.

It's interesting to notice that both equity and fund portfolios are considered long-term investments and that their results should be evaluated in a period higher than twelve months.

For proper risk management, the asset composition of the portfolio must be accurately decided. Thus, by using mathematical and statistical models it's possible to define with great precision the expected volatility level for the portfolio.

In order to obtain an efficient portfolio management, the following may be used:

  • Managed portfolio: allows investments on funds and stocks.
  • Investment club: it's an exclusive investment and requires a group of investors, which can be family members or business partners, as long as they achieve the minimum amount of resources required. Apart from all the advantages of a managed portfolio, it also has several tax benefits, but it's exclusive for the stock market.
  • Managed portfolio: allows investments on funds and stocks.

Corporate Finance
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