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It is the principal company of the Group in Brazil, established in March 12, 1998, with the purpose of operating in the stock market, future market, itermediating public debt and swap's.

The company received its operating authorization/clearance in July 1998 from Banco Central do Brasil (Brazil Central Bank, regulatory agency of Brazil) but only initiated its operations in November 16 of that year. Originally an institution designated to distribute the papers/bonds and valores mobiliarios, in March od 2001, the company received authorization to change its name to CM Capital Market Corretora de Cambio, Títulos e Valores Mobiliários LTDA ( CM Capital Market Currency Exchange Broker, Bonds and Valores Imobiliarios LTD) and incorporated in its operation the intermediation of currency exchange and free rate future exchange.

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The company is under the supervision:

  • Of BANCO CENTRAL DO BRASIL (Brazilian regulatory agency) as a financial institution registered in BACEN under number 37648, having its account in SELIC (Sistema de Liquidação and Custodio de Títulos Públicos; Brazilian System of Bonds Custody and Settlement)
  • By BM & F (Bolsa de Mercadorias & Futuros) given its condition Corretora de Merchandise through Title Patrimonial the BM & F acquired on October 29, 1998, entered in the Administrative Record BM & F with the number 028. The then CM Capital Markets DTVM Ltda acquired at the end of 1999, a second title of Corretora in Goods and, in early 2000, a title of Member of the Compensation BM & F, liquidando its operations and customer selected
  • By CVM, Securities Commission
  • The Company also acquired on November 12, 1998 Title of Patrimonial CETIP (Central Custody and Settlement of Securities Private), account number 19783002.
  • In August 2000 was granted the title of Patrimonial Stock Exchange of Rio de Janeiro, enabling operations in the System for Electronic Trading of the Public Debt, SISBEX. Then, in 2002, after the acquisition of Sisbex the BM & F, Title Patrimonial of the stock exchange in Rio de Janeiro, as part of the negotiations, was bartered for a Title Patrimonial the BOVESPA.
  • In February 2004 to CM CCTVM CM Capital Markets Ltd. became a member of the NFA, National Futures Association and is registered under the No 0340054.

Likewise its headquarter, CM Capital Markets CCTVM LTD, even though its contract allows operations with all products offered in the Interbanking Market of Fixed Rate/Income, Stock Market, Interbanking Market of Currency, Future & Commodities Market, with a strict policy, it operates without taking any credit risks, and only intermediating operations to its clients. Its professionals team develops its work assuring that each client gets the best deal within the best possible conditions on the market, respecting strict ethical regulations.

In 2004, CM Capital Markets CCTVM LTD, increased the volume of federal government bonds negotiated and reached a 12% market share which guaranteed the first position on the market as "introducing broker" and was invited by Banco Central do Brasil (Brazilian regulatory agency) to be one of its Dealers and, since February 15 of last year has participated actively in the activities proposed by BACEN.

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