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CM Capital Markets Group began operations in the financial markets in 1986. Since then, important objectives have been achieved. It has become market leader, thanks to the cooperation of approximately 300 professionals working in the different areas of the Group, and achieved, through its specialised subsidiaries, a relevant position in all the business sectors in which takes part.

The partnership's philosophy is the basis of the Group's existence. In 2011 Compagnie Financiére Tradition SA ("CFT") purchased 30% of the share capital. The rest of the shares (70%) belong to CM Capital Markets Directors.

CM Capital Markets GROUP develops brokerage activities in Monetary and CM Capital Markets in Spain, rest of Europe (CM Capital Markets Brokerage, S.V., S.A.) and Brazil (CM Capital Markets C.C.T.V.M. Ltda) and USA, covering a wide range of financial products such as Interbank Deposits, Public Debt, Private Fixed Income, Forex, FRA's, IRS, Futures, Options, Equities, etc, and counts amongst its clients the most important financial institutions worldwide.

Currently we have offices in Spain (Madrid) and Brazil (Sao Paulo)

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In the past few years, the Group, through its subsidiaries CM Capital Markets Bolsa, S.V. S.A. in Spain, and CM Asset Management in Brazil has undertaken a plan of renewal and diversification of activities and products, performing brokerage projects, Private Fixed Income, Equities Structured Products.

Since its foundation, a transparency policy was adopted at CM Capital Markets. PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG as the auditor firms of the different companies within the Group.

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