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CM Capital Markets has an expert asset management team, specialized both in the fixed-income market - including multimarket fund of funds - as in the equity market. Employing tools usually exclusive to institutional investors, CM Capital Markets manages to increase investment efficiency, continually assessing performance, analyzing risks and minimizing costs.

At CM Capital Markets, the definition of the best investment strategy, of products and solutions for each investor is based on a distinguished advisory:

  1. Appropriate investment vehicles: different investment vehicles are employed according to each investor's personal objective. Individual fund or equity portfolios can be managed in an exclusive fund structure - fund of funds and equity funds - or in an equity only investment club.
  2. Access to the best products: for not having its own products, CM Capital Markets can truly offer the investor the best investment options available in the market, without any conflict of interest.
  3. Dynamic Asset Allocation: the goal is to define asset allocation according to a prospective macroeconomic scenario, maximizing return.
  4. Risk analysis: identifying the portfolio's exposure to market risk, possible losses in stress scenarios can be measured.
  5. Transparent information: envisaging the portfolio in a consolidated, simple and direct manner helps to understand investment strategies, identifying profitability attribution and controlling the distribution of resources among several assets and administrators.

For believing that the best results are directly linked to the individual characteristics of each investor, CM Capital Markets developed custom-made products:

  1. Fund portfolio management: employing detailed quantitative analysis and extensive due diligence processes, the best administrators in each specific fund class are selected, identifying management styles and therefore assembling efficient and diversified portfolios, aligned with the investor's profile.
  2. Equity portfolio management: the process of selecting stock is always based on macro and microeconomic foundations. The process begins with the determination of the intrinsic value of the stock likely to become part of the portfolio. Then the macroeconomic premises and their impacts on each sector of the production chain are combined with particular variables of each segment. Thus, projections and consistent evaluations of the companies traded at the Stock Market are made, determining their fair value and appreciation potential.

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